SAP is an accounting system, it is more popularly known as an ERP module. So to know SAP properly we first need to know ERP. ERP can be described as “enterprise resource system”. ERP system includes all the modules that a large manufacturing facility might require. The ERP system includes SAP, Oracle finances, JD Edwards, BAAN etc. But SAP holds the most important position with a 60% market share.

The importance of SAP can be realised by the fact that almost 90% of all fortune 500 companies are using SAP and SAP has been installed in over 50,000 large scale organisation The reason why SAP is so famous amongst all the other system is because it requires minimal coding, although many ERP system are designed with the same principle SAP stand out because of its degree of configurability in the system, intuitive than any other ERP system.

SAP is a huge system itself with number of modules like FI, controlling, MM, SD etc. So after making up your mind to pursue your career in SAP or SAP career you need to analyse all these modules to select the best one for yourself, all these modules are so enormous that it is impossible to master all the modules. Luckily you can freely choose the one for yourself. The key rule in SAP is to acquire an in depth knowledge. However, each consultant must at least know the integration areas of their module with other modules so that team communication is efficient and clear.

Main modules available in SAP- for better understanding its divided into two categories-

  1. Functional- as a functional consultant you should be able to take part in discussions with key finance department users like finance controller, CFO and accountants. So you need to have good communications skills there. These can include
  2. Finance and controlling – where finance includes general ledger, asset counting, receiving and paying of accounts & controlling includes cost centre, profit centre, internal order, product costing etc
  3. Material management – It requires vendor management, inventory management etc.
  4. Accounting or supply chain – It’s about sales and distribution
  5. Production planning – It is about manufacture related activities.
  6. Technical – technical consultants do not require interacting with key users as already done by functional consultants. So anyone with IT background can choose to be a technical consultant. They are three modules as technical consultants anyone of which you can have-
  7. Business intelligence (B.I.) – It includes preparing management reports for analysis by extracting various data.
  8. Advanced business application programming (ABAP) –This is a programming language of SAP.
  9. BASIS – This is the system administration part where different administration functions are handled.

For as in the end I would just like to conclude that SAP job market is surely a place where you can make you career as it provides great scope of growth in future years and its even not limited to any place you can also be anywhere and work around the globe many SAP consultants travel on company paid business trips and not only this but there are numerous add on to the reasons why you should go in this direction.

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