CRM-solutions can help you to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with your targeted customers. These solutions will not only bring more conversions but will also help in retaining existing customers.

Salesforce CRM:

This app offers cloud-based solutions for sales management like tracking customer-interaction, storing customer-details, following leads and integrating analytics, marketing service, and community cloud. Highlighted features of this application are lead management, marketing automation, sales data, and partner management.

Hubspot CRM:

It increases the potentiality and productivity of existing CRM-systems within organizations. This tool is pretty simple to use and thus users will face no difficulty in accessing the same. It improves customer support, leads quality and software integrations. Some potential reasons for using this free of cost tool is it helps in organizing customer communication, tracking employees, tracking deals, managing agent’s performances and tracking sales.

Fresh sales:

In this app, leads are invited by means of a perfect call-to-action feature. It performs some vital tasks like lead management, leads prioritizing, leads scoring, leads streamlining, task scheduling, email alerts, handling of multiple sales-processes, email tracking, direct calls, event tracking, reporting, analytics, and sales management.


Expert web-app developers have created this amazing application for organizing business leads with tidiness. You can easily concentrate on important deals by tracking sales accurately. This is a favorite application for every sales-team as it is fully mobile-optimized. It integrates popular Google-systems with business-systems. Pipedrive helps in identifying priority deals and prospective leads. Other benefits of this app are brand promotion, favorite deals negotiation, condition adjustment, and lead relationship maintenance.

Zoho CRM:

Almost every mobile app development company in USA is using this smart-technology application for satisfying, retaining and attracting customers. Developers basically connect Facebook and Twitter pages of their targeted customers with this application for collecting necessary data. After collection of information, data is categorized as share comments, send invitations, leads or contacts. The latest versions assist in accessing both customer data and sales records on IOS and Android devices. You can also avail smooth Google-apps interactions.


Almost 5-lakh users are currently using this application for enhancing the productivity of their businesses. It also offers enterprise-level solutions, especially to multi-channel companies. It’s predominant features include – increased customer communication and internal business collaboration, enhanced productivity, and efficiency, clear overview and visibility of the business, contact management for tracking customer deliverables, pipeline management, and task management.


The multi-channel world is highly dependent on this app especially for building excellent work relationships. It concentrates on some of the most important factors like sales insights, data organization and customer engagement. It also adds social-media data for bringing out more prospective leads. These leads will help in executing both marketing and profitable sales campaigns in the most effective manner. Android application developers find this app as the most useful solution, especially for increasing business productivity.


This effective CRM-software is well-known for its easy usage, robust functionality, user-friendliness, intuitive and other useful features. These features help in executing complex functions easily and maintain profitable business for maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. Small businesses are now using this app for tracking marketing, gathering accurate info, assigning tasks, managing team-members, controlling business operations and tracking sales campaigns. This application can be easily integrated with other useful business applications like MailChimp, GoogleForWork, Google Sheets, outlook and shell, Zapier and others.

Nutshell CRM:

This CRM solution is handy and efficient in attracting and retaining customers for long. This app is very much flexible and thus it can be easily customized as per enterprise or business needs. Its excellent reporting and analytic features have made it more popular in the market. It is highly scalable to business growth as it is devoid of storage restrictions, user limits or reporting caps. Moreover, it is very inexpensive in comparison to others and you can opt for its trial-version initially.

Bpm’online CRM:

It combines features of business-process management with customer-data for enhancing service, sales and marketing efforts. Large, medium and small enterprises can now enjoy scalable features of this outstanding app. It helps in accessing mobile-device solutions and on the other hand, integrates perfectly with different reputed productivity-systems like MS Outlook, Google Calendar and MS Word. You can integrate the application with your business-systems by means of DLL or CMM, web services and >Net managed-assemblies.


This multi-platform sales-CRM concentrates over the integration of prospect and client communications. You can now monitor both sales and inbound leads across all channels. It maintains social-media generated revenues and sales pipelines in a sincere manner. A complete view about the financial status of your company can be gained including the section producing more revenue, one-page dashboard reports and others. In this case, you do not require investing your time for going through multiple pages for reaching requisite data.

Microsoft Dynamics:

This application represents your business in a much smarter way and some of the most useful features of this app are social, insights, business intelligence and productivity. You can make a selection of the best option out of cloud-based, hybrid combination and premise solutions. Some powerful advantages of this app are marketing tools and integrated automation, tight Microsoft apps integration, offline access, multiple dashboards and unbelievable integration with apps and third-party systems.


This CRM is an AI-based tool that automates the workflow of sales for benefitting sales-teams of organizations. It gathers info from prospects for turning the data into customer-profiles. Missing of data and use of manual data-entry is reduced to a great extent out here. It helps in recognizing prospects by refining collected data. Sales teams can easily handle both prospects and existing customers with this unique CRM-tool. They will also receive notifications or reminders of vital events including due dates and upcoming deals. Not only that, they can even easily connect with their prospects and customers directly this smartest tool for the sake of increasing sale volume.


This CRM application is really quite helpful and powerful in nature and this is why most business-enterprises are using the same. It helps in creating maintaining a stronger relationship with customers. The tool is highly dependent on the technology of relationship intelligence which spots legitimate actions on one hand and unifies customers’ stories on the other hand for getting productive outcomes. It automatically captures rich-signals and analyzes data-patterns for identifying opportunities enabling sales-professionals to end-up deals more easily. You can connect your exchange or Gmail account easily with the tool. The tool updates the recorded sales-related data and it also takes your calls, meetings and emails.  Reporting function of this tool is simply outstanding as you can keep a track over both teams and individual performances easily. Android app developers usually use this application for tracking the performances of their tea members individually.


This single application helps in managing different administrative and operational aspects of business under one platform. It offers specialized tools for managing your company’s documents, tasks, projects, email campaigns, invoices, events, products and other related ones. There is a centrally regulated control-panel which regulates all these functionalities together resulting in an increase of efficiency and productivity. It invites a great integration and collaboration especially for coordinating international projects. You can surely stretch your business globally mainly due to multi-currency and multi-lingual support. Every mobileapp development company in USA currently relies on this application for maintaining an integrated business model.

You can pick the best CRM-software as per your business need, preference and customer management process. You have to look for a few important features in CRM-software like sales and lead management, marketing, e-commerce, dashboards or reports, call centers and workflows or approvals.

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