A lot of myths can be heard about charging your iPhones or any device using Lithium Ion technology. Those myths have actually come from Nickel-Cadmium Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries. But they don’t apply to Lithium, and some of the methods we apply on Lithium battery might be harmful to it.

It is your wish how to charge it, you can as long as you want and whenever you want. You shouldn’t though wait till your battery nearly drains to zero, and you don’t have even to wait for it to reach 100% before removing it from the plug.

The best way to charge is to charge it overnight each night. Whenever it reaches 100%, it stops charging. So, there’s no question of getting overcharged. In this way, you can start your day with an iPhone fully charged.

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More Details:

  • If you completely drain a Lithium battery, even for the first time, it will kill it.
  • There is a smart internal charger in the phone which restricts the batteries to be overcharged. The smart internal charger will also try the device not to drain the battery completely by shutting it down before it is totally drained.
  • When you have a phone showing you having charge of 0%, it actually isn’t 0%, it still has enough charge before it shuts down. After the phone shuts down, this charge will still keep the phone not get killed, but you should soon charge the phone. So, when your phone shuts down due to low charge, charge it within 2 hours. You should also never make a phone rest for weeks or months without periodically charging it.
  • Charges should be done using high-quality USB cables only.
  • iPhone only needs a 1-amp power supply to gets charged.

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