Webinar is the unique feature that offers you to connect with a large number of people who are even far away from you. Webinars have become the latest trend in the business. Nowadays, people do have their meeting and various events through webinars only. There are various free webinar software available that have unique features in them that enable you to have the comfortable web conferencing.

There are various guides available on the internet on how to stream a live event and you can take help of those guides for smoother running of the web conference.

There are many of service providers which will provide you the event live streaming services and various other facilities which will be important while webinar like the participant’s report, webinar cloud recording and storage etc.

With the time, the online services are also updating and increasing their earning from the advanced technology. These days some companies are hiring the platforms for free live streaming. You can learn the basics regarding how to livestream an event for free on various sites over the internet.

There are many essential webinar features that are very much liked by the host as it helps the host to run the webinar very comfortably. Some of them are given here:

Customized webinar:

There are various webinar software’s that are available on the internet that help you in customizing your webinar in more professional ways. This software helps the host in maintaining better contact with the clients and gives same professional image that he is trying to project. They completely design the event from the start to the end.

Uploading the handouts:

The available software’s do have the ability to upload the handouts before you start the web conference. These uploads are very important to give the clients an attractive description of the presentation that you are going to deliver. Sometimes, people do take the prior appointment but do not appear on the time so to make them and force them to attend your presentation, the handouts are very necessary.

Conduct live polls:

The software gives you the ability of live polls during the event and hence makes other people aware of the events if they have missed some of the shots during the event. This will even help you in finding out the feedback and get report that whether the presentation or the event is following the right direction as you have thought or not. This even involves the discussion at some point of the event and makes the queries clear within the participants and if necessary you can even ask the host.

Sharing of the screen with other participants:

This is an effective and very helpful feature of the webinars, this feature enables you to share the screen with all, which is a necessary if someone has the query regarding the subject matter and even he can have discussion with some other participants in addition to the host. It involves presenting real time demonstrations to the participants and enables them to have a better experience.

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