Writing a summary of the English poem is still now regarded to be the toughest type of assignment. It is seen commonly that generally an assignment writer jots down the story, underlying the poem, in the entire summary. It is surely important to include the story in the summary, but also give a think about the expectations of the readers from the assignment. In fact, if a writer concentrates on the expectations of a reader and works on the same, the assignment, he will create will nourish everyone. Here a sketch has been made about the expectations of a reader from an Immigration essay writer. While you go through the sketch, you will get an idea about how to make your summary a perfect one, with the best appeal, placed in it with amiable vocabulary tone.

Understand and express the motive of the author

What is not there directly expressed in a poem? The answer to the question is the motive of the author, while he wrote the poem. Your assignment of summary writing in the Immigration essay must contain that. When you include that in your assignment, your assignment will give the flow that your readers need.

Example of “a rose for Emily”

For example, if you are dealing with a rose for Emily, at the apex of Emily’s journey she saw the sea where her father uses to sail, the waters were still an indication that they mourn! They mourn the master of all the storms and winds in the sea. Emily sat down in disbelief and in deep sorrow. She could not believe that ha father had fallen into the pit of no return. She remembers the poem of the captain who uses to sail but he also fell on a pit of no return. She sang slowly in her heart. She remembers the sweet moment they had together when he was still alive. These moments made her more weakened; but it could not be returned; but then she remembers a rose for Emily, the beautiful one, she was then certain that her father will rest eternal peace covered with Emily’s rose. That was the only way of making her father happy on the other side of the world.

So, the motive of the writer is to acclimatize the heart of Emily with her father’s words and what her father taught her. If your summary keeps this basic word out of the context, then that’s the biggest mistake and your readers will not find what they are looking for from your assignment.

Example of “o captain my captain”

Another great poem, o captain my captain, can be considered as an example for the same. It is a poem with some skeptical concepts and imaginary concepts regarding the life and death of Abraham Lincoln. The poet there considers the incidence as a reason for national and international sorrow. Now, if you miss that very thing from the summary, you will be drawing, how can the readers accept your writing? Similar things go with other works too. These two are some examples to establish what you need to include.

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