Apart from the fact that quality is not a major concern when buying from equipment vendors, three major downsides are associated with the  purchase of transceivers from them:

  • Long wait time for order fulfillment
  • Losses of ROI arising from paying  highly inflated prices
  • Ninety-day standard warranties,  that normally  demand maintenance plans at an  extra cost to have this extended  to one year or  more

Usually, vendors of equipment do not keep a large number of transceivers in stock.  This is due to the fact that commodity products are not the major focus of their business.  When a consumer has a very large order, the vendor of the equipment must order the equipment from their OEM before filling the order form. The standard procedure is having the order forms filled from the OEM directly to make up for the time constraints. However, the truth is that consumers will have to wait for their product. Unfortunately, the result for the buyer may be a potential reduction in business activities and loss of revenue as they wait to take delivery of their equipment.

The suppliers of compatible optical transceiver run their entire business based on these commodity products. This implies that they often have the transceivers in large quantities. There are nearly no wait times for the majority of their products and a typical delivery time for the fulfillment of the order is only the time it takes for an item to be packaged and shipped. The totality of their effort is directed at stocking as well as testing items that are in great demand and the effect on the consumer is very short wait times. There are virtually no wait times for several products.

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A typical product warranty obtained from a vendor of equipment such as Cisco provides a cover for the product for ninety good days.  As a matter of fact, because companies such as Cisco want their buyers to but only their goods, it makes a   much sense that they’re only ready to provide a cover for a product for 90 days.  Surely, if for any reason their product fails, the consumers will come back to them to ask for a replacement or even buy more equipment.

The suppliers of compatible optical transceiver must give a guarantee that their products are not going to fail within one year or more. This explains why reliable vendors of compatible products provide better warranties.

1000 GIG provide a limited lifelong warranty on their optical products as a  rule. They still offer a guarantee on their products and will restore any failed units without wasting time through an advanced process of replacement. Therefore, the likelihood of loss to the company which buys these items becomes essentially zero, thereby making the ROI to be much higher.

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