Productivity is a classic problem for most small companies. They continue to struggle day by day to increase productivity or at least align it with the budget they prepare. We know that controlling the performance of employees greatly influences the productivity of the company and how non-optimal performance reduces overall productivity while wasting company resources, especially financial ones.

In fact, supervisor managers often find it difficult to carry out internal supervision (on employees). Manual methods commonly used are not enough and they need a technology-based approach that is free from interventions and various interests. A technology-based approach will help a company to monitor employee performance as objectively as possible and when we speak in the context of technology, we talk about a computer-based application.

time management

What is needed?

To monitor employee performance objectively, supervisors need time management apps. The intended time management applications can carry out various tasks, especially those related to time tracking, assessment, recommendations and so forth. Each selected application should be able to correlate with popular mobile devices today. We know that most of the mobile devices currently circulating are based on iOS and Android.

What Boomr has to offer

Boomr provides time management applications that can work on iPhones and Androids, giving each company owner the flexibility to monitor the employee performance in real time. The software provider provides three functions; easy tracking, time padding reducing and performance monitoring.

Not only a time management application, Boomr also provides assistance to other aspects such as accurate payroll & invoice reports, employee productivity reports and labor law compliance. The labor law compliance helps every company owner to stay on track according to the labor law and the accompanying changes. By using Boomr, every small company owner can increase their productivity and automatically save thousands of dollars every year.

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