Social Connex app is a revolution for the seniors in your society. The app is A Social, Health, and Safety Platform for Seniors and Their Friends and Family.

Seniors love to stay independent, and living independent will make them live longer, even if continuous monitoring is required. They would love to stay in their own home rather than taken away to rehab. They want to live in their memories which they had made in their home. They don’t like to be shifted away to a senior facility and stay there. And this is what exactly Senior Connex does; it helps the seniors to stay in their home and allows them to be monitored continuously. The family and the caregiver without constant surveillance can check on the health of the seniors.

The technology

A wearable smartwatch is worn by the senior via which their vitals are continuously monitored. The cutting-edge tools help the seniors to say words like “call,” “help,” and “schedule” and the app will automatically call or ask for help or schedule for the seniors. They don’t need to learn the new technology of this age. Near and far caretakers and family members will automatically be informed if there are any changes in the vitals are detected, or the senior wants any help. You will even know if your senior is up from the bed or still sleeping.

In senior facilities also, this app can come in handy. They can monitor some seniors staying in the facility and even some facilities such as assisted living, senior facilities, nursing homes, and hospice.

In case of a fall, if the senior call for help, the relatives and caregivers will be alarmed. But even if your senior is in no condition to call for help, the system performs regular check-ins at regular intervals, so the system will automatically alarm the people who set in the system to be informed.

Video Calls

Seniors can reach to anyone they want through Senior Connex base unit for video calls. The video calls can be performed with verbal commands.

Also, they can schedule what they need by just commanding “schedule” verbally. Everything scheduled will be visible to the caregiver, including meal schedules, medication schedules, and other information.

Social Touch

Senior Connex app is similar to Facebook, but there are no never-ending ads and videos with no meaning. It is a platform with purpose and tools to keep your seniors safe by knowing his/her conditions in real time.

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