They say that FTP is easy and can be used without any problem. Well! If you are an IT, it’s easy for you. But for us, FTP can be frustrating to figure out how it works; it’s going to be time-consuming and fruitless ultimately.

Some of us might be able to figure out FTP, but there are too many things to take care in FTP that makes it less-than=optimal solution. The access controls are complicated, need special software for FTP transfers, and then slow transfers make it more complicated.

Anonymous Files is Much Easier to Use

Anonymous Files is a website through which you can share your files with much more ease. You don’t have to log in to a server, and you don’t need to upload files one by one, as in FTP. In Anonymous Files, you can make anonymous file upload in a very simple way.

You just have to open the website and either you can drag your file from your computer to the box of the website and drop it there, else you can click inside the box, and you are going to get a navigation window. You navigate using that window where your file is stored, select it and click Open. In no time, the file will be uploaded to the server, and you will be provided with a link.

You will need to copy that link and send it to the person with whom you want to share the files. They can download the files using the link. You can also use the file you uploaded from any remote devices if the device is connected to the internet. You can also upload files even if you are on the move.

Therefore, sharing of files has been made much easier with Anonymous Files.

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