When you register to a cloud service, your priority is security, and the priority of AWS is to keep your data secured. Security threats are the biggest threats in this world today. When you join AWS, you will enjoy the benefit from network architecture and data center that is built to meet your requirements in the best security-sensitive organizations. AWS is managed and designed to meet the global infrastructure with best security practices and with other compliance standards.

AWS offers some security services for managing the access, for example, encryption, mitigate DDoS attack, machine learning capabilities to analyze data for any irregular activity, and send alerts if changes are made to your AWS resource. Your audit standards and compliance regulations will be monitored by audit-friendly and governance-focused service in the AWS. In the Security, Identity & Compliance banner, you will find a list of security services in the AWS to help you prevent any threats from cybercriminals.

Amazon Cloud Directory

You can store and organize your data hierarchies around multiple dimensions with the help of Amazon Cloud Directory. As Amazon Cloud Directory is a managed service, you do not need to install or patch software, scale any infrastructure or manage servers.

Amazon Cloud Directory provides a building block for applications, and it is a specialized graph-based directory. Cloud Directory is a web-based highly scalable directory and is used to manage and organize resources for applications, such as locations, groups, users, policies, relationships, and devices. The data in Amazon Cloud Directory is safe whether it is at rest or in transit. In most of the traditional directory systems, you will find that there is a limit in organizing the directory objects to a single fixed hierarchy, it is not the case with Amazon Cloud Directory.

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