Several countries have several laws regarding using a drone by the normal public. In some countries they completely restrict flying drones, in some countries you need special permissions, and in some countries, you can freely fly your drones except some restricted areas. So, wherever you are trying to fly your drone for whatever purpose, you need to inquire about the law of the land, else you are going to get prosecuted.

Drones are used for various purposes:

  • Delivering stuff: Such as Amazon and Dominos for the same day delivery.
  • Fighting Crime: Drones are used to gather necessary intelligent inputs and also in primary investigations.
  • Protect borders: Countries with huge borders can’t have an eye on every corner of the border. Drones help them in securing the border of illogical immigrants, smugglers, and terrorists.
  • Journalism: Drones can be used in used in war zones to be authentic news and also protecting the journalists from being personally present in such high-risk places personally.

  • Life support: For example, defibrillators can be sent to patients immediately.
  • Building inspection: Easy to inspect a building, which saves time and money.
  • Wildlife monitoring: Using drones to check on wildlife.
  • Farmer assisting: Monitoring the growth of farmer’s estate to let them know about the growth of crops.
  • Environment protection: Drones are used to catch environment criminals in their act.
  • A sports event: Easy to cover a sports event.
  • Art: Many photographs are taken using drones for art and photography.
  • Emergency: Drones are fast to respond in an emergency situation.

There are many other reasons why drones are used.

Rules of drones in Lebanon

You need a Drone Permit Lebanon to fly drones. The permit must be obtained from the military of Government of Lebanon, and if you do not have the permit, you are going to be prosecuted, and your drone will be destroyed.

If you are even a recreational drone flyer, still you need to acquire Drone License Lebanon. Every drone sellers on Lebanon are also notified that if they are going to sell drones, they need to verify that the purchaser of the drone has proper papers; else drones won’t be sold to them. The paperwork though doesn’t cost you any extra. You just need to complete the paper works and report in the application the time when you are going to fly the drone and the purpose of your using the drone and in which area you will fly the drone.

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