If you have an online business, especially when it is all about blogs you do understand the need for keywords and backlinks. These two factors play an essential role in boosting your rank in Google search engine thereby driving more income and traffic. The better the backlinks and the better the keyword density, the more will be the chances of ranking high. You can checkout the need of keywords and backlinks for your website through Free website analysis.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words you will need to implement and optimize your SEO. Keywords are the pointers or connectors that allows the readers to find your page when they are looking up for things. If your keyword density is exceptional and meets the requirements of SEO, your page will pop up in the search results.

There are mostly two kinds of keywords, short tail keywords which are less than 3 words, however, the long tail keywords which are higher than 3 words.

With time advancement, and changing algorithms of Google, it has become hard for the pages to rank. However, with the help of Website keyword rank checker, you can find out the density of the keyword. And you customize your website accordingly and rank it high.


How are they important?

For your blog to rank high in the search engines, you will have to put up the keywords in the proper option. Keywords are one of the crucial points of blogs. Thus, you will need to spend time and find out the right keywords which are the same as that of your blog post. The post must connect to your audience.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the small links that you use from the websites of other people. These links redirect the audience to your website. These are high-quality links that will help you rank substantially higher in the search pages. With the Backlinks checker you can find out what quality of backlinks your website have and what you need.

Why are backlinks important?

As mentioned earlier, backlinks help you rank high in the search engines. Google sends out crawlers which look out for dynamic and relatable content and keywords. The two types of keywords include Do Follow links and No Follow Links.

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