Follow these steps to update Garmin Maps

Garmin Maps runs on a GPS system which helps a traveler to locate and identify different locations easily and effectively. So your Garmin Maps must be updated all the time. Garmin devices are typically made for best GPS location services. So if your Garmin  Map is not updated, then update your Garmin Maps now. When you will open your Garmin Device there will be an option of Update Garmin Maps and then follow these basic steps to update Garmin Maps and make your travel journey best-

Method-1 Garmin Maps Update using Garmin Express

Step-1 Open the Garmin Express Website in your Computer’s browser. (Official Website-

Step-2 Before downloading check all requirements and then click on the blue button of “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac”. If you see an error while loading the page then don’t worry, Garmin express does not contain any virus.

Step-3 After Downloading, Install Garmin Express

For Windows- Click on the setup file and agree to all the terms and conditions and click on Install button to update your Garmin map.

For Mac- Open the Garmin express DMG file and verify if necessary. After verifying, drag the Garmin express app onto the Applications folder icon and follow the instructions.

Step- 4 Plugin your Garmin Nuvi to your System- When your download the software then attach one end of your Garmin Nuvi’s cable to the Garmin Device and other to the end of your Computer’s USB port. It supports only USB 3.0 version.

Step-5 Open Garmin express software to update Garmin maps.

Step- 6 After opening Garmin express, Click on get started blue button near the top of the Garmin Express window.

Step-7 Now its time to start updating your Garmin maps by adding a device to the system. Click on the “Add a device” button which is shown as large “+” icon in the upper left side of the window.

Step- 8 After adding a device and when prompted, this will begin the setup of Garmin express.

Step-9 Complete the setup and follow all the instructions shown on your screen. Finish the setup and open the dashboard. The dashboard will have the complete user interface for updating the Garmin Maps.

Step-10 After clicking the Install button, the Garmin Maps will start updating. It will take time to get update Garmin Maps. After completing the installation, disconnect the Garmin Device.

Now you have installed Garmin express on your windows or Mac system. you can re-update your Garmin Device anytime and anywhere just by opening Garmin Express and attaching your Device.

There is also an alternate method to Update Garmin maps which are also known as Using Maps from Other Sources. It is also a widely used method. Check it our how it operates. In this Method, a community-driven site hosts information and maps regarding geo locations all over the globe. This method works when Garmin Express doesn’t work.

Garmin Maps

How does this work?

  1. Firstly Download a free Map Image file in your device. Search OpenStreetMap websites and read all the terms and conditions. Download the image file.
  2. Attach your Garmin Device to your system with the help of USB cable. This works only when Garmin Express is closed.
  3. Put your Garmin Device to USB storage mode which will allow you to copy the image files to and from the GPS System.
  4. Now to add files open Garmin Device storage in your Computer system. As the user interface for both Windows and Mac are different then-

For windows system- Open the file explorer and click on This PC in the left corner of the window. Click on it and a new window will open and you will see your Garmin Device for which you want to update Garmin Map.

For Mac System- In Mac system, the Device name automatically pop up on the desktop or you can also find using Mac finder to update Garmin Maps.

  1. Create Garmin Map Folder- Create a new Garmin Device folder and you can name it as per your convenience, we suggest to name it as Garmin Map.
  2. After creating the folder now copy the downloaded image file to the newly made folder. It is a time-consuming process also.
  3. Disconnect the Garmin Device and reboot. After rebooting select the new map and disable the existing map.

By these two methods, you can update Garmin maps.

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