If you have bought a new TV, it could be the appearance of multiple wires. You can just hide them in the wall. There are several possibilities for that. You have to make sure that several rules are followed. For example, electrical wires should have no insulation damage. In addition, it should not fall on them during operation.

To eliminate “stray” pickups on the TV signal, cables should be removed as possible from power lines and devices of the type:
• microwave ovens;
• refrigerators;
• washing machines;
• Iron.

This should include other devices, assuming that large inrush currents are needed during operation. If you’re thinking about hiding the cable from the TV to the wall, remember that you can place the cables in a special low-voltage channel, including:
• telephone line;
• Internet;
• alarm.
Recommendations of a specialist.

It is important to remember that TV wiring must be done in whole pieces. Crossing the cable and power lines of the network cannot be tolerated. If this cannot be avoided, it is important to ensure a right-angled point of intersection.
During installation work, you must use the splitter of the TV signal at the factory. Before you hide the cable from the TV to the wall, remember that wire should not be used. They are unable to provide good shielding.

How to avoid mistakes.

When you’re laying wires, you’ll need to break loops, sharp twists and twists in the bay. While the unshielded sections should have a minimum length, only in this way you exclude a decrease in the quality of the signal reproduction. The distributors and cables must be in places where they can be maintained. This includes connection boxes.
When you look at the cable on the wall, you should know that it can be used along with the power lines. In this case, the diameter of the central wire should be more than one millimeter. It is better to use a material with a double shield or a pair of foil layers under and over the mesh.

Put the wire in a box.

The easiest way to hide the cable is to use a cable duct or a decorative box. Search products usually consist of:
• plastic;
• combined materials.
It has an aesthetic appearance and is easy to install. However, this version of the cable has its disadvantages. It is expressed in high production costs.

Before you select a box, you need to determine its size, and therefore decide which cables are hidden in it. When faced with the problem of hiding the cable from the TV on the wall, the cables in the cable ducts inside, there should be free space. It may be useful in the future.

Do not hurry to the purchase cable channel, because you have to pay attention to the transitions for corners, shock elements, plugs, tees, and other fittings. It wants to be able to give the appearance of the box to an aesthetic appearance. In addition, the master will not have trouble installing. When selecting the products, it is important to consider their quality. Experts recommend paying attention to the castle. It has to be opened and closed manually, you do not have to use any additional tools.

Cable laying in the wall.

The cable is laid out in the thickness of the wall. For this purpose, cavities between the drywall panels and the wall itself are prepared. This method is the most common, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to implement, and in some cases, it takes a lot of money for this technology. If you have the TV installed on the wall, you may want to ask yourself a question.

To hide the cable in a concrete wall, you can use another method. The process wants to be rather dusty, but it is only suitable for those who repair and parallelize the cable. At the same time, it should be hidden, where they should be located and where the sockets are located.
Shtroby should be strictly horizontal or vertically, so you’re sure where the wire goes. After all, sometimes after repairs, it is necessary to hang furniture or a picture. In this case, it is important not to hit the cable when drilling holes.

The decoration of wires behind drywall panels.

If you need to hang the TV on the wall, how to hide the wires, you should think about it before you start. To perform manipulations for the decoration of wires, sheets should be prepared:
• cutting knife for gypsum;
• wire;
• rope or strong thread;
• groove;
• Electrical tape.

Process of work.

On the wall in the first stage are installed brackets for fixing the TV. The angles of its location should be noted, if it does not go beyond the zone which will be hidden. Now the master must note down where the socket for the connection of the device is. On the surface of the drywall, markings can be made for future holes. The installation area of ​​the socket must be marked to one millimeter so that it can be installed without any gaps.

To lay cables in the wall should be done. In the lower part of the wall, there is another hole which hides the wire with the cable channel in the base if it is removed from the surface or installed on a movable bracket. In this case, the socket is easily accessible.

How to hide the wire from the computer.

If you want to make the premises of your house more attractive, you should know how to hide the cables from the TV, computer. In the latter case, the cables can be hidden under the table top. At the same time, they are using the help of clips attached to the screws. If in the future it is planned to move the table, you can use the double-sided tape. After the table does not want to spoil, you can use the box under the shoe after it originally decorates under the interior.
If you are wondering how to hide in the apartment, we will make it a special cover. It’s perfect for an extension cord that wants to plug in all the plugs. If you are disturbed by the speakers, it can be hidden in the appropriate cover, which is pre-fixed on the back of the table.


Today, a TV is often installed on the wall. How to hide wires in an interior, many owners of apartments and houses reflect. As one of the most reliable and aesthetic solutions, stitch holes will work. An angle grinder can be used for this. It is only necessary to deepen the surface by 1 cm. A tile adhesive is applied to the resulting slot, after which the wire is placed in the mixture and masked with a trowel.

If the wall is made of plasterboard or covered with a covering of this material, you will need to make a rod of thick aluminum wire. It will serve as a broach because it will help to make the cable or wire behind the plasterboard to the wall. Many are wondering not only where to hide the cables from the TV on the wall, but also where to lay the communication on the ceiling. The above method is therefore suitable for a pendulum system, which is usually made only of plasterboard.

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