There are many different websites that are being popular. We have all heard of different kinds of websites: business websites, Community Websites, video websites and last but not least every single one of us is using Google as to top search website over the internet.

All these popular websites have started from somewhere and most probably when they started they didn’t have the resources to buy expensive hosting or have teams to monitor or develop the sites. All these started in a garage or a very small office or is a joke. However, the results now are incredible and most popular websites in the world attract millions of people daily. Google is serving hundreds of millions of searches every single day and it all started in a garage on a very limited hosting account.

Have you ever thought of making a website or start starting an online project from scratch? The process can be very hard as there are a lot of different and new terms to learn. Every one of us will get started an online project was feeling lost in the beginning and needed someone to rely on. Alternatively, people who wanted to do all the work by themselves have lost numerous hours of Reading resources over the internet and educating themselves. All this process can take weeks without even starting your project and actually doing some real work.

Most people who are in the web hosting industry trust Alexa as an independent traffic analysis website and agency. is an ideal comparison counter that does not give exact number of visits and traffic data by monitoring the Internet space with equal numbers without registration, without exception.  The data shows that global websites – search engines, social networks, trading sites, etc. – are also part of the global Internet space. Of course, number one is the search engines is

The top 10 Most Popular Websites for 2017 are showing some very important trends that show how the popularity of the websites change and the last but not least how are they built. The importance of the software these websites use and how exactly they are built is something everyone is interested in. In the developing IT world even people without experience and coding knowledge can start a lot Project if they have enough time and if they are willing to spend all their efforts.

How are popular websites built?

As you can see some very important and popular brands are relying on open source software like WordPress and Joomla and Magento 4 they are online stores and to build their online popularity. Most of you might think how are these most popular websites in the world built? Well, WordPress powers more than 35% of the websites over the internet so the majority of the websites you might have visited in the last several days might be built in WordPress. For example, Intel uses Magento to sell computer parts all over the world’s it utilizes this e-commerce website building tool and it is handling some major traffic pretty well.

To sum up even large corporations with millions of Dollars budgets rely on popular open source applications so it’s very easy even for beginners with Limited budgets to start their dream projects nowadays.

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