If you want to get real Instagram followers, any efforts you make should start with your business account’s profile. Your profile is the key to unlocking essential features, and an essential tool for motivating consumers to engage. Because your Instagram profile is also the new homepage, having a good bio is more important than ever if you want to turn visitors into followers. That means you’ll want to make sure that your Instagram bio is fully-equipped to help you make a great first impression! The following tips will help.

Optimizing Your Bio Copy

If you want to get real Instagram followers, you need to make it easy for them to find out what you and your business is all about. If you want to feature prominently for a profession, skill, product, etc., include it in your bio. It’s also important to focus on creating bio copy that inspires your ideal followers – always making it more about them than you. When you write bio copy that directly speaks to your target audience, you’ll attract real Instagram followers that are aligned with your brand and are more prone to become customers.

Add Clickable Links

Thanks to a recent update, profile hashtags or usernames you add to your Instagram bio will be clickable links too. This means you’ll be able to use your personal Instagram profile to promote your business profile or share where you work by mentioning your businesses Instagram username. When you add applicable usernames, you’ll also be able to add in hashtags. Adding hashtags into your bio makes it possible for visitors to click through to view specific content, providing the perfect opportunity to share your branded hashtag. Putting hashtags in your profile doesn’t make it searchable within the hashtags; however, including your company’s branded hashtag is an excellent way for you to share your community and invite users to engage in it.

Add Story Highlights

Story Highlights are a marketer’s dream and they are one of the biggest and most important recent additions to Instagram bios. Story Highlights are evergreen collections of a business’s best Instagram Stories that can be pinned on the front of an Instagram profile. Story Highlights appear under your Instagram bio and act as a “stand-alone” story when a visitor taps on them. Instagram Stories Highlights are the perfect way to share the most important aspects of your brand with new visitors. If the Story is compelling enough, you can’t help but get real Instagram followers.

At this point it should be obvious to see how extremely important it is to work on your Instagram bio. A great bio will help attract your ideal target audience, get real Instagram followers, driving increased traffic to your services and products, with the end result being making more sales! And thanks to the wealth of new added features and tools, it’s the perfect time to join Instagram if you haven’t already, or revisit your current bio and ensure that you’re making an impressive first impression with each and every new visitor.

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