Nowadays, not being present or available on social networks and the failure to use the social media marketing strategy is a significant risk of reduction in visibility and sales. Each channel that improves your visibility to your customers should be utilized to showcase your products. 33 transactions per second are made on the Internet. Additionally, nearly 43% of Internet marketers have discovered their new product on social networks. So, how to succeed in exploiting social networks when you are a company and when you want to boost your sales?

Work and Develop your Notoriety on Social Networks

Favor a presence on Facebook, because this social network is the most used. Make yourself noticed by posting regular content; it will allow you to be seen and recognized. On social networks, you must seek to be liked, commented and shared to the maximum. Your goal is to make the buzz to be seen by the greatest number of people.

Present your Commodity

When presenting your products on your profiles, do not try to show them simply. Center on the context so that potential customers can pay heed to it naturally. This will make you more attractive and interesting. Indeed, nearly 73% of consumers will more easily realize the purchase if they could watch a video explanation or presentation before. Recently, you have the opportunity on Facebook to tag your products on visuals and videos, do not hold back!

Present your Promotions

Do not keep your current promotions only for your customers. Display them clearly and simply on your page. This operation will also inform those who are not in your customer database or newsletters. This will sanction you to let your customers discover recent happenings on your site or in-store and what not to miss. Thanks to this, you can now give the feeling of individuality to people who like your page.

Don’t Dehumanize your Brand

Search through your page to have an informal or even personal relationship with fans. This relationship can only be beneficial. Listen to what the audience has to say, consider their comments, whether positive or not. This will allow you to have some useful elements to tweak your sales, Pay proper scrutiny to your e-reputation and work on it!

Don’t Temporize to Invest to have a Boost on Social Networks

With Facebook ads, you have the chance to have help to push you forward. Although you must pay, this option gives you the opportunity to be present for the duration you want, at the top of news feeds of the profiles of Internet users you have invariably earmarked. On Facebook you also have the contingency to target people who already seen or visited your commercial site, to encourage them to buy by putting ads in their newsfeed, this operation is called retargeting.

Finally, build loyalty by creating sympathy for your brand. Let your future customers come to you with interesting content. If they come from themselves, they will be likely to be true-hearted to you and respond positively about your brand.

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