Amongst the web publishing and CMS platforms, the most popular is WordPress. And why it wouldn’t be? You can run blogs, web shops, and company websites on it. The developers and designers are crazy about its adaptations and versatility. The users are crazy about the effectiveness and simplicity of WordPress.

Almost 25% of all the websites in the world are built on WordPress, and it’s so simple that you don’t need how to code or a little knowledge of coding is enough for it.

But as WordPress is so tempting, people try to do a lot of things with WordPress. SEO is such a thing, and it shouldn’t be overlooked as SEO is one of the keys for successful business growth and earning revenue.

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So, let’s get some reply about WordPress and SEO:

  • WordPress is Search Engine Optimized: There isn’t any search engine optimized CMS. WordPress is friendly to search engines, but still, a lot of works has to be done to get the best SEO results. If you switch to WordPress and think you have done search engine optimization and your page will show up in the first page of Google search, it won’t happen.
  • WordPress SEO Plugin doesn’t mean you won’t need an SEO Consultant: SEO is not like you set it and forget about it, and it would start working. SEO is a long-term continuous process. You have to mold your SEO to the current marketing trends and efforts to be successful.
  • The best SEO Plugin for WordPress Website: There are a few good WordPress SEO Plugin in the market, but you need to address the following questions before deciding about it:
  • Is the plugin compatible on all functionality and technology of the website? Will it work remain complaint in future?
  • If there would-be long-term support from the developers of the plugin? Check their feedback.
  • Is the plugin popular? The number of downloads and users are using this plugin?

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