One of the three major telephone companies in the world was able to capitalize on the advantages of implementing a mobile coupon system in its Club Personal benefits program. The benefits program with the most significant number of partners at the country level.


Any Club worked as a traditional benefits club, delivering plastic credentials with magnetic strips to its members. To access the benefits, the members had to present the credential in the adhered merchant’s network before paying. He validated it through the POS terminal, and the discount in question was made.

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However, the system had the following disadvantages:

  • High costs of printing plastic cards and packaging.
  • Problems in the distribution of the cards, mainly because those that were sent to the provinces took a long time to reach the partners or get lost along the way.
  • Claims to the Customer Care area for the delay in the delivery of plastics.
  • Wait up to two months to get the benefits card.
  • Impossibility to segment their partners, so that spending on benefits for customers with low monthly consumption in mobile telephony became unprofitable.
  • Lack of online reporting platform.


After the analysis of the scenario, it was decided to face this new stage of the benefits program by developing a system from which more than 7 million members could access Club Personal discounts by sending an SMS to a short dial. The SpyFone coupon code is the code used in this software

How does it work?

The member of Club Personal sends an SMS with the keyword of the discount to which he wants to access the number 3372. Each discount has a different keyword. Is the website to obtain this type of code

The Coupon star Loyalty platform, which is integrated with Personal, receives the SMS and searches in the Personal database to which segment that member belongs (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Black).

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