There was the requirement for having a smartphone or tablet holder that makes your ride in a car easier while you are driving or even watching movies or listening to your favorite music when you are on a long subway trip or traveling via plane.

The GoDonut fulfills that requirement while you are traveling in the car, subway, or an airplane. It is a perfect device for holding your tablet or smartphone. And it is made in California.

People say that GoDonut helps them a lot when they are commuting out of the city or when they are taking family vacations. It keeps their kids busy watching their favorite shows, and they even don’t have to worry about their phone dropping down.

When you are on a flight, you can use your GoDonut on the flight. You can put the GoDonut on the slide-out table that is attached to the seat in front of you, and watch movies. You can also work on your presentations for work, or listen to your favorite music. It is ideal for killing the boring time in your long flights, and you don’t even have to worry of it falling, or holding it with your hands all the time while watching movies or listening to music. Also, at the time of watching your presentation and checking them if they are alright, you will always have your hands free and use them whenever you require.

Features of GoDonut

  • It can be turned 360 degrees radius, and it has three angles, which ensures that you have a complete hands-free view.

  • GoDonut has a weight which ensures your device will be held securely.
  • You will find a wide range of designs and colors.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • GoDonut is made earth friendly.

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