Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

Amazon Brand Registry is a platform designed by Amazon to help its sellers protect their brand and its related intellectual property. It is a much-needed tool for those businesses that have an active registered trademark. If you fall under this category and you haven’t registered for the registry yet, then we strongly recommend that you do.

The reason for this is quite simple. As an Amazon seller with a registered trademark, you want to ensure that absolutely correct information is being displayed on Amazon product pages which use your brand name. This ensures that customers see correct information related to your brand, rather than false, misleading details.

Furthermore, you also want to ensure that your trademark terms and logo are not being used for product listings that are not associated with your brand. After all, you want to protect your brand’s identity.

Amazon Seller Brand Protection

If you are still not convinced as to why this program is important for you, then we urge you to check out this ultimate resource for Amazon Brand Registry. This has all the information about you could ever need. However, it doesn’t end just there.

Once you have signed up for Amazon Brand Registry, you will have access to an entirely different set of tools. These tools will help you identify cases of potential infringement and will enable you to report the same to Amazon. The odds of someone copying your brand will reduce dramatically and, in turn, it will help you maintain your position in the market.

Additionally, to further maximize your sales, you can also consider joining Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Program. First up, this program is open only to those sellers who are a part of the Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

That being said, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a great way to increase your sales and maintain your dominance in the market.

It can be done by using enhanced images and texts to improve the product description field of their branded products. It is used to boost the value proposition and clearly describe all the relevant information about the product for faster conversions.

It is also possible to communicate your brand story to stand out from the crowd and drive in more sales. Furthermore, by providing accurate, high-quality details, you also reduce the chance of having your items returned. You will find more information about Amazon EBC in this guide for sellers.

Now, before you consider joining the Amazon Brand Registry program, you obviously want to make sure that you the term/trademark you want isn’t already taken. Think of it like buying a website name – you first search to see whether it has been taken or no; in case it has been taken, you come up with a new name.

The same concept holds good for this program as well. If your preferred trademark term is already taken, then you will have to come up with something else. The best way to go about this is by using this recommended free tool for Amazon Brand Registry trademarks. Simply enter the search term and the region where you want to check its availability and voila! You will be presented with all the trademark information related to that term. It is advisable that you do this before jumping into the program.

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