The charm of social networking hasn’t left anyone unaffected. The madness for the social networking sites and applications started from Orkut and reached at its peak after the launch of Facebook and WhatsApp. Among all the social networking apps, WhatsApp has become the most useful and attractive one. The status feature of WhatsApp is a new showcase of emotions. Users put emotional and funny status and let the world know about their feeling. In today’s post, we will talk about an app from where you can download different videos and use them as your status on WhatsApp.

The name of this new app is AddaChats app. From this app, you can download the WhatsApp video status and Stickers. You can read viral news, gossips, and Shayari.  On Adda app, you can also chat with many people in your own language and make new friends.

So let’s know more about AddaChats app which offers you so many facilities under one roof and how to install and use Adda mobile application.

What Is AddaChats App?

ADDA Chat App is free for everyone, and it can be downloaded from Google’s play store. The best part of ADDA Chat App is; this app has developed for an Indian language-based social network. You can chat here in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi or any Indian language. Here you can find the chat groups; based on your hobby and mood. You can join those groups without any permission or create a group for yourself and your friends as well. You can create a group of your friends and family members on this app and share funny videos, messages, shayaris, and stickers with them.

AddaChats app has received enough momentum in a short span of time. You can understand the popularity for the app by this fact that it has been downloaded on over 100,000 smartphones over the country.

Why Should You Download AddaChat App?

If you have many social site apps in your phone and you are dicey for AddaChat App, then we will tell you why you should download this app on your phone.

Our native language is the best way to communicate with our loved ones. I personally believe that native language is the only language that can show our emotions well. The Addachat app allows you to talk in your own language. That means you don’t need to depend on English to communicate with others. This app supports all top 10 Indian languages (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Gujarati). So, install it and be desi while talking with your friends.

Another reason to install this app is to enjoy all the viral videos. On Facebook, you can read the articles on viral videos, but these articles hardly cover any Indian viral video. On Addachat app, you can watch all the Indian viral videos and share them with your friends. AddaChats has more than 1 Lakh viral Indian videos. This app allows you not only to share the videos but to upload your videos as well. So, to be famous, shoot your videos and upload it on AddaChat app so it could reach over 100,000 users of this app.

Well, now you already know about many reasons to download Addachat app but if still, you are in doubt then here is the biggest reason to download this app, when you join Addachat app you get Rs. 25 Addacash. This cash increases when you join a group or any friend of yours will join Addachat through your reference.

Now, here is the process to install the AddaChat app on your mobile phone.

How to Install the AddaChat App?

You can install the Adda app easily. This app is available on the Google app store. You can download this app by clicking here. This link will redirect you to the play store and once you reach there; click on the install button.

Once the app is installed on your Smartphone, choose your favorite language among all the mentioned Indian languages.

Select your preferred language. Now, click on next and type your mobile number on the screen.

After that, you will receive an OTP on the mentioned mobile number, type the OTP on the screen and enter the world of viral videos and chat groups.

The user interface of AddaChat app is easy, and you get used to it immediately. You can access the different features of this app with a swipe of your finger.

The Conclusion

The AddaChat app is the one solution to all your needs. I have installed it on my phone and found it entertaining. The several groups of the app keep you updated about the fashion, Bollywood and other news. You also have the option of creating your group on this app.

Overall, it is a fantastic app, and you must install it on your phone and try it once.

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