The world of animation is known to be a playground of imagination. If the mind conceives it properly, you can bring everything that you are thinking to life, only because of animation. Creation of super heroes flying in the air, your favorite cartoons doing funny antics and many other stuffs however isn’t a cakewalk as the same requires a number of efforts which the art of learning animation demands.

Thus, if you are keen on how everything is done and are wanting to perceive animation, here are some easy-peasy tips that you are required to work on as a beginner:

  • Begin with a simple movement of animation:

Although it might look easy to you on the first sight, creating the animated characters is an affair of a lot of technical indulgence. However, the artistic skills present in you drives it all. Thus, the trick is very simple – instead of jumping on to the technical front, start developing the basic skills involved with animation on the first place so that you can hone everything to perfection. Animation always begins with paper and pencil. Thus, you can let all the technical skills rest for a bit while you can still work on your paper.

  • Explore a good hardware – pick a laptop over a desktop:

Animation isn’t merely about paper and pencil, but about choosing a right medium to work on. While the use of desktop has become more than obsolete in the recent times, it is always preferable to pick something which is not so outdated as well as not to fad at the same time. Thus, instead of working with a mouse on a desktop or running your fingers throughout the tablet, it is always advisable for you to start working on a laptop. You will be able to learn everything with great convenience.

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  • Observation is very important:

Creating any natural movement entertains an inclusion of a number of things. The slight movements that are usually overlooked as considered to be the very base of the right result – which is the most important part of creating animation. Thus, in order to master the art of animation, you must start paying attention to every slight detail as a keen observer. Start observing everything as keenly as you can. Scour into the internet for photos and videos to use them as a reference point.

  • Potent key frames in animation:

Animation is all about one pose after the other. Each drawing here serves as an individual frame in a wholesome strip of a film which is eventually combined to create movements as well as the formation of storytelling. The key frames represent the first as well as last movements in any specific action sequence. Thus, as a beginner, it is very important for you to determine the first pose which is starting the movement and the last one which is ending the same. These two visuals are just like the bookends that you ought to remember to fetch out the best results.

  • The game of strong line of action and exaggeration:

The one thing that makes the art of animation real fun is exaggeration. Exaggeration adds excitement, emotion as well as drama to any piece of animation that you are going to create.

Thus, break all the rules of the laws of universe and try to create as much drama as you can into your work of animation and your viewers will surely appreciate the same, provided, all of them must have a sense of natural realism. A strong line of action as well as exaggeration conveys both the energy as well as feelings to your character.

  • It’s all about timing and frame rates:

Animation is all about the sense of rhythm or so to speak, a natural beat. Thus, you must always make sure to find a proper balance in order to create a natural flow of movement that you are wanting to achieve. Timing and frame rates play a vital role in making your animation plan a success. They create the illusion of movement in your animation, thereby bringing them to life.

The tricks are simple.

You are merely required to put your heart out into learning it, hence taking a note of everything listed above.

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