We all have read eBooks at least once in our life time, say from an electronic eBook reading device like kindle, or from your smartphone, using apps or simply the browser. While reading we find such books more or less the same as normal books or novels might be, but, is it really true?

Let us understand the theory behind eBooks.

EBooks are practically saying, a physical manifestation of an electronic version of a printed book. These books are available for readers to enjoy them via computers, tablets, smartphones, reading devices, etc. The invention of eBooks were specifically made for creating a means of reading that will not require the use of paper, or printing. In other words, eBook are electronic books that are available to readers in a digital form.

As the time went on, technology and internet developed hand in hand faster than people had imagined. Soon in the late 2000’s free software from Microsoft and Glassbook for reading eBooks on you PC were launched

 EBooks in 2018.

In 2018, electronic means like computers and smartphones have a higher presence, as well as requirement in everyone’s daily lives. There are merely handful of people who do not use any electronic means in their daily lives. As the trend of gadgets evolved, with it the trend of having everything in for disposal seems to be getting important as well. People these days get everything online, from laundry service to paper writing service.

There are many people who dream of becoming professional novelists and book writers, but do you know that eBook writing is also a great option to choose for beginners. If you feel enthusiastic about this and really like to give writing an eBook a try, here are 10 steps to publish trending eBook in 2018.

  1. Have commitment towards your work:

This line is not necessarily just for people who are willing to work as writers, but also for other backgrounds as well. Many top rated essay writing websites suggests, no matter what work you are willing to do, if you cannot commit to the work, it is simply a waste. Remind yourself that what you are willing to accomplish deserves all your attention and commitment.

  1. Choose a topic of your choice:

As you take the initiation for starting to work on your eBook, decide what you will be writing about. It’s always fun and interesting to do something that you are enthusiastic about. Choose a topic that matches your interest like the type of writing you like, niche and many more. This will help you to get through the entire process very quickly. But, remember to choose such a topic that will make the readers read the whole thing.

  1. Collect relevant data:

Now when you are all committed a ready with a good topic that you feel is interesting and something you would like to write. The next step is to research about the topic. We know you already have a good enough idea of what you will write. Regardless, to make your book look more professional you must add practical and real things from reliable sources. Researched material will give assistance in writing a paper

  1. Create an outline:

After completing all your research and understanding what you will be working with, now you can simply framework you’re writing beforehand, doing so will help you to have the same flow in your writing, avoid writers block etc.

  1. Write:

Don’t feel overwhelmed, by the thought of writing. Take a deep breath and go through everything you have worked on beforehand. The outline will guide you through the writing and the researched material will help you create a good content. Try using keywords naturally in your eBook.

As you complete the last step you are left with an official eBook. From here you can simply go through and edit as you feel. The only other thing you will need is determination to complete the book and you are good to go.

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